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When I became a mother I constantly put the needs of my children above my own. I didn't seek help for my anxiety because there were a million reasons not to; my baby needs to nap, my baby cries in the car, what if my baby cries the whole visit, I am afraid to ask for help, I don't want to inconvenience anyone, what if my baby doesn't eat, sleep or stop crying when I am gone, my baby needs breast milk, I don't want to leave them, my baby needs ME, I don't want to leave them! Now looking back it all seems so foolish to let all these reasons override my own reasons for needing help. But when you are in the grips of the postpartum hormones and sleep deprivation, with this sweet most tiny and helpless of beings in your care it is easy to make the decision to put yourself last. I know the fear because I had it, that taking care of yourself is a luxury that you simply cannot afford right now, and I had this fear before we were living through a once in a lifetime pandemic. With social distancing making women more isolated than ever it is important for us to adapt. If the thought of leaving your home is overwhelming, or you are not in driving range for home visits, or don't want anyone entering your home we can still connect on the internet. 
What to Expect at Your Virtual Visits?
Virtually I cannot treat any condition that requires physical exams and in person monitoring. Unfortunately we can also not utilize any physical modalities such as acupuncture and massage. We can, however, work on diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements and  
Methods of Payment
I can direct bill to most insurance companies, as well as accept cash, visa, mastercard and debit! 
At this time I do not have a dispensary. I instead work with you to source supplements where you would normally shop, trying to always keeps costs low. 
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